Above the Clouds Below the Sky

My desire to write on the spot was at least fulfilled ,no matter what resources I had to use .I am using a air sickness bag to write upon because when I demanded for rough paper ,the air hostess handed me a tissue paper. It feels great to have world of clouds below .It’s the purest form of white colour which I had came across, clouds are like islands below me.
When the pilot was trying to attain the height, it was sensational to cut through the clouds. Adding to it was the joy of writing at the moment and that too after such a long time. The pressure of performing well had taken over me which resulted in loosing of self. Travelling to home via flight was one of my dreams come true and which is inspiring me to go for my other dreams. I believe that i will enjoy my vacation in best possible way. It would be great to meet Vaibhav and Sarvagya after so much time. The book i was reading i.e. When Everything Changes, Change Everything turned out to be quite good for me. I could say that I handled one of the biggest changes of my life in best possible way. The thought which haunted me most of the time was of going away from home. The lesson I learned from the book was thrown to me many times but the way in which this book presented the idea was quite convincing. It also convinced the idea that our experience of present is all dependent on our way of perceiving it and the past data to which we are relating our present. I just accepted that change is the part of life without which life will not be sustainable, adaptable and functional. Everything changes for something better and it was me who brought this change by choosing the right things and taking right decisions.
Well at present I am enjoying the flight and it feels like the plane is standing still. I have to wrap up my blog now as I was writing this on air sickness bag. There were many thoughts which demanded words but I was out of bag and I didn’t want to steal another one from my fellow passenger. But the last thing I would like to say is “ITS ALL GOOD”.

Air Sickness bag on which I wrote in Flight

India breaking the ‘jinx’ in sports

The Indian success streak in world sports is increasing day by day. Here are the events from last few days which made every Indian proud.We have dominated in various sports like Boxing,Tennis,Formula One,Cricket,Chess,Badminton or Football.
Today India beat Sri Lanka in the tri-nation Compaq Cup Final in which the third team was New Zealand. India moved to second spot in the latest International Cricket Council (ICC) rankings by the virtue this ninth consecutive ODI win.
Leander Paes clinched his 10th Grand Slam title after winning his sensational battle against estranged friend Mahesh Bhupathi in the US Open men’s doubles final.
Boxer Vijender Singh gave us another feather in the cap of Indian boxing by storming into the semis of the World Boxing Championship in Milan and winning a bronze.
Few days back it was Force India’s first podium finish at the Belgian Grand Prix, all credit to Italian driver Giancarlo Fisichella.
Indian world number eight Saina Nehwal won her first Super Series event in Indonesia.
India won against Syria 5-4 to lift the Nehru Cup. This is the third significant cup won by India in recent times.
I am really proud of the way Indians are performing in world sports. Its not only cricket but there are variety of sports in which Indians are increasing their dominance. Hope this trail continues and we will be able to incrase our tally of medals in next Olympic.

Movie Review-Love Aaj Kal

It was Friendship’s Day and I wanted to be with friends, so whats good than a movie…damn..there I was mistaken especially when I considered a Bollywood movie . I had such high hopes of Love Aaj Kal. Being an Imtiaz Ali flick, the expectations were high. ‘Jab we met’, even ‘Socha na tha’ were awesome love stories.

Even though like every one said ‘Jab we met’ was exceptional and I too agree with it. I missed  Kareena’s Geet character from ‘Jab we met’ and the flow of story of the film. All I saw was Saif Ali Khan who according to some reports used Botox in order to look younger when acting opposite 24-year-old Deepika Padukone.

The love stories of “today” (aaj) and “yesterday”(kal)  goes parallel . Rishi Kapoor narrates his love story and takes us in the era where ‘Veer‘ (Rishi) is in deep love with ‘Harleen‘ and is happy just having a glimpse of her face and wishes that she should her life partner in all his lives. Saif Ali Khan plays the role of  “Veer” (Young Rishi Kapoor). The punjabi kudi (Harleen) who played the role of Rishi Kapoor’s love of life, isn’t a Punjabi kudi at all. She’s a 19-year-old Brazilian model ” Giselle Monteiro” who couldn’t speak Hindi or dance but still a part of Hindi movie 😛 . At one point of movie she brought a hot glass of black tea under her dupatta to give to “Veer” who just stood below her house . Harleen’s family was shown as a typical 1950 Indian family which is against love marriage. But in the end Veer and Harleen easily run away and settle downs in London. These incidents made me wanted  to be born in the 1950s. Almost as though my life would be so much more simple and beautiful if it could actually be in sepia.

In parallel the present goes with Jai (Saif) & Meera (Deepika) as modern day couple in London, who likes to lead a practical life to go along with the flow of life. And the scene where Deepika is marrying to another guy and Saif is watching just touched me a bit.But in the end they  realize that love cannot be transformed and tampered so they end up living a happy life together.

Overall this isn’t a bad film at all. It’s just that I’d come to building some solid expectations from Imitiaz Ali. I came out of the theater and was  just not  fuzzy enough but at some  point in the movie  I thought of getting my ticket money back from the theater owner.

A week full of hangouts at natural sceneries

At last after all the “havans” and “puja path” aka sacred rituals, Rain God is finally happy with Udaipurites and the two main lakes  viz  Lake Pichola and Fateh sagar are covered with water :).

Last week was good for me and I traveled a lot to take a look of various water reservoirs  around the city. The energy of flowing water fascinated me  a lot and i drenched my self at every opportunity.

Below is the rough plan of all the water reservoirs of Udaipur:


Here are some videos and pics of the places i visited:

Thur ki Paal

Thur ki Paal

The waterfall at Thur ki Paal under which i drenched myself

The waterfall at Thur ki Paal under which i drenched myself

Below is the water coming to Fateh sagar from Madar( water reservoirs) and the complete view of the lake:


Here is the video of water at Nandeshwar Ji Dam:

Hope you enjoyed the real beauty of Udaipur and do visit here.

Cricket- a game of Glorious Uncertainities

A study says Flemish-speaking immigrants from Belgium brought the cricket across the Channel in the 14th century (click to know more) and it was played in the vast fields of England, supposedly by shepherds who herded their flock. But at that time those peoples were not aware of the uncertainities of the game. The drama & thrill in ongoing IPL holds up the nation because of which  the entertainment industry is expected to lose up to Rs 200 crore worth of business in April-May. In these 29 days of IPL there were  close matches  which were neck n’ neck till end and the team which kept confidence  won. 

In cricket , uncertainities prevail through out the match and one can’t predict the outcome easily. Nobody knows which player can snatch away the victory from opposition . One thing i came across was in the game of cricket if a team loses hope then it loses the match . If a player is confident of his capabilites then no target is difficult to achieve and no victory is impossible to taste.

There were few matches i remember which kept viewers with pounding hearts  and atlast victory came to the team which did’nt lost the hope.

  1. South Africa chasing 434 in 50 overs against Australia
  2. India chasing 326 in 50 overs in  Natwest series final against England.
  3. India winning T20 world cup by beating Pakistan in Final via  Bowl Out.
  4. Rajasthan Royal winning IPL 1 in 2008
  5.  Recent IPL 2009  match : Rajasthan Royals winning against Mumbai Indians as MI were not able to make 6 runs in last over.
  6. Rajasthan Royals winning against KKR(Kolkata Knight Riders)  in IPL 2 via Super Over (Yusuf Pathan was the man who sailed the team towards vistory..hope u remember :P)
  7. Today Deccan Chargers winning against KKR by making 26 runs in final over.

To increase the excitment “a free hit” was introduced for the batsman after a “front foot no ball”  and  the “power plays” were increased from 15 overs to 20 overs in ODIs by ICC. Sometimes there is luck factor working for the teams and unforced errors commited by the players which makes easy for opposition to win the match. A ” No ball” , Rain, Duckworth Lewis method  (click the link to know how D/L method works)  etc are other factors apart from team’s commitment , strengths , and skills. 

Above all we can learn a lot from cricket (may be other sports also 🙂 ) :

  •  ‘never to give up’ attitude ,
  • not loosing hope,
  •  sportsman spirit, 
  • accepting defeat and overcoming flaws ,
  • Right strategies with combination of winning attitude.


(Comments are invited to  add more info on” the exciting wins” and “what we can learn from a sport”).

What if Shahrukh Khan had braces instead of me?

Well it was a normal Monday evening , i was watching a IPL 20-20 match. I came across the advertisement of Sprite  filmed on Shahrukh khan  and a wave of creativity passed through me and i was drowned deeper into the thought that what if  SRK had braces. I would like to share the thoughts with you.

Firstly SRK will be the first choice for the  endorsement of orthodontic tooth brushes. He will get a lot of tooth paste advertisement as he had to brush his teeth every time after he eats something.  He will be seen in every cold drink advertisement as he won’t be able to eat hard stuff and will prefer liquid . He will have to quit promoting all the  potato chips products  as he won’t be able to eat them in front of cameras to show people . Every time he goes to a orthodontist for tightening the wires , he will wear a  different set of clothes covered with advertisements and logos  of  orthodontists and various  mouth wash companies.

SRK with braces

SRK with braces

It  will be a fashion to have braces and many branded companies like Nike, Adidas etc  will  launch their own series of branded brackets and arch wires. Another line of products  for endorsement will open up for him in the  form of  Mouth gel like Smile , Dologel as he will be needing them because   untrimmed wires will be  poking  in the sides of  his mouth which causes injuries .

Lastly,  he will get offers for lead role in movies based on teenagers as he had played a character of a college going student so he will get roles of  a school going student with braces on his teeths. And i could guess a perfect actress opposite to him in such movies ..thats.. Saloni Daini  of  “Chote Miyan Bade Miyan” (a comedy show on Colors TV).

Saloni the lead actress

Saloni the lead actress

There are many more thoughts persists in my mind but i think thats enough as i had given words to my thoughts. Hope you like it!!! 😛 😛 😛

When my ‘Send To’ Option disappeared…

Today when i started my computer and inserted my USB to copy some data. I right clicked on folder and was looking for send to option but to my amazement it disappeared .
So i did some googling to find solution which took lot of efforts. I wanted to repair this as soon as possible as “SEND TO” is the easiest way to copy a data on another location. Then i found the solution as follows..

Start > Run > Regsvr32 /i Shell32.dll

You Should Get a Message Box Like This

DllRegisterServer and DllInstall in Shell32.dll succeeded.


And its done…I get back my send to option.. 🙂

For more details about registry editing click here.

And for more trouble shooting and solutions of problems click here.

How does braces work?

Many of us wonders how braces can move our teeth and change the profile of the face. Here are some facts…


Braces work by wearing them over a period of time, they put a gradual pressure on the teeth and this is achieved by the means of a metal wire. . The metal wire is known as the arch wire. This metal wire then used to be attached to cement to other tooth.As on date, the arch wire is held in place by tiny brackets made of ceramic or metal. The brackets are glued to the front teeth. These guleses are designed to release fluoride continuously so that the teeth are always protected.

The arch wire put in place need to be adjusted periodically. The arch wires that are presently being used are made of high quality nickel titanium mixture. This increases the flexibility of the metal and they have a special property where by when they get warn with the mouth or body temperature, they slowly start excreting pressure and get the work done on the teeth.


When braces put pressure on your teeth , the periodontal membrane stretches on one side and is compressed on the other. This loosens the tooth. The bone then grows in to support the tooth in its new position. Technically, this is called bone remodeling.


Hello world!

Hello friends,

These days many thoughts were rumbling in my mind , so i decided to let these thoughts out of my mind by the means of blogging. I was truly attracted by the way people around the world use the blogs to share their views. Hope i will be able to provide the necessary contribution and exhibit my knowledge on various topics of my domain.

Kindly apprize me with your valuable comments.